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Nothing is more All-American than baseball – it’s right up there with apple pie, McDonald’s, NASCAR, and Rock and Roll. This iconic game originated in the 1700s, with strong influence from the British games rounders and cricket, but transformed into a uniquely American sport it is today when Alexander Cartwright penned the official rules in 1845. The Knickerbocker Baseball Club of New York City played the first official baseball game in 1846. Over two decades later, the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional baseball organization, soon followed by other clubs around the country.

Chicago has long played a central role in America’s beloved sport. It was here that William Hulbert, a successful Chicago businessman, formed the National League, whose eight original member clubs included the Chicago White Stockings (today’s Chicago Cubs). The Chicago White Stockings played their first game in 1876, starting a decades-long tradition of great baseball. In 1900, the city adopted a second major league team, the White Stockings, formerly of St. Paul, Minnesota. Shortly thereafter, the original Chicago White Stockings would change its name to the Chicago Cubs.

Today, baseball is something that the city of Chicago is unitedly passionate about, but at the same time, is divided over. Here, you’re either a Cubs fan or a Sox fan, and it usually comes down to which neighborhood you’re from. The Cubs’ Wrigley Field is on Chicago’s Northside, while the Sox’s Guaranteed Rate Field sits on the Southside, so fans are divided by geography. Regardless of which team you root for, we can all agree that baseball is one of the best things about Chicago. Whether you’re a Sox or Cubs fan, Talking Chicago Baseball is your source for the latest news and information on all things Chicago baseball.